The World's First Desi Card Game is here!

The World's First Desi Card Game is here!

What is the worst pronunciation of your name you've had when a teacher was taking attendance? I cringe every time I think about the time a substitute teacher called me Venice... like the city. My name is Venu. I'm still not sure how that happened. Your experience is probably just as bad, if not worse. Being Desi is hard, and it only got harder in March of 2020 when we all went back home for the quarantine.

I was about a week into #Quarantine2020 before I realized that my parents were going to drive me crazy. It felt like I was back in high school all over again. I woke up to the sound of loud pots and pans banging in the kitchen and super annoying WhatsApp forwards from my family members. I knew there would be thousands of other Desi people, like you, who understood some of my pain. In fact, I bet you understand a lot of my pain. That’s why I created a drinking game about it. Not just any drinking game... the world's first Desi card game.

Before the quarantine, my Desi friends and I were getting tired of playing our usual form of party games. We stumbled across games like Buzzed and AZN Flush. Even though we had a lot of similarities with our Asian brethren, none of them seemed relatable to us as Desi people.

My favorite aspect of these games wasn't so much the allure of a new way to party with my friends. Instead, it was the bonds that get formed over these nights. As I said before, growing up Desi was difficult. However, knowing your friends went through the same things you did makes it a lot easier.

Having other Desi friends to share your experiences with makes going through all the troubles worth it.

If you are like us and you enjoy sharing your experiences with your Desi friends, then we are confident that you will enjoy playing our Desi game with them. It has over 100 relatable cards that will get your nights started the right way.

We are currently in the process of gearing up to launch our original Desi card game. Don't like waiting? We don't either! That's why we launched a digital quarantine pack that you can get RIGHT NOW. Now you can get the Curry Karma experience right on your phone or laptop. You can play with your friends on Zoom or play socially distanced from each other in person. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a blast.

Until we launch, you can learn more about the original Curry Karma Desi card game here. You can get the digital quarantine version here. Follow us on Instagram here. Or email us directly to share Desi memes at


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