5 Reasons to play Curry Karma: Indian Drinking Game

5 Reasons to play Curry Karma: Indian Drinking Game

Reason 1: Tired of the same old party games and drinking games.

Look, I get it. Beer pong is great! But let's be real...it gets boring after beating your friend Pooja for the 10th time in one night. How many times are we going to play the same old drinking games? Let's spice it up a little. Add some masala to your drinks! Okay that sounds terrible. Don't actually do that. Instead, you should get your hands on the Curry Karma: Indian Drinking Game. You will get over 100 cards designed to get you drunk in a hilariously unique way. Your experiences growing up Desi will come back to haunt you with every sip.

Reason 2: This Indian drinking game will have you laughing at hilarious shared experiences.

With this Indian drinking game, you can be sure that you will find a lot in common with other Desi people. You will be amazed at how similar your experiences are with Desi people all over the world. The game was made for those of us whose name gets butchered when attendance is taken. Also, those who understand the struggle of having to choose between pani puri and bhel puri.

Reason 3: Gain a unique perspective on what Desi culture means to you.

As much as we joke about growing up Desi, it definitely has its perks. Bollywood movies are great and the music is second to none. There's so much more to appreciate about being brown that it is going to take a whole blog post by itself to explain. Nothing makes you appreciate the fun nuances of your culture better than making a drinking game about it! Send us a message in the chat if you have any fun card ideas that you want to send our way to post. Otherwise, you can also email us about your Desi experiences at currykarmagame@gmail.com. We read every message people send us.

Reason 4: Learn things you never knew about even your closest friends and drinking buddies.

Our favorite part about the game we created is that it has made us closer to the people that we play with. We play tested this game dozens of times with an assortment of people. Most Desi, but some of them who weren't. No matter who we played with, we learned something new about them and their experiences growing up. What's a better way to catch up with some friends than over a hilarious new drinking game?

Reason 5: Get drunk... duh!

If the other 4 reasons weren't enough for you, this is a pretty convincing one. There are so many great drinking games. However, there is only one Indian drinking game... Curry Karma. Some of our play testers barely made it through a quarter of the deck before getting drunk. Talk about the perfect way to pregame at any party. Of course, if you don't want to drink, there are lots of other ways to play as well. You can substitute a sip for whatever you want!

Let us know if these 5 reasons are good enough to make you want to try the Curry Karma Indian drinking game. Pre-Order HERE to get a discount on your first purchase.

Need a fun drinking game to play with your friends virtually in the meantime? Check out the Curry Karma Digital Quarantine pack HERE.

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