Introducing Curry Karma

Time to crack open that Kingfisher beer. The premier party game made specifically for Desi people is here! Each box is packed with over 100 hilarious cards designed to add some spice to your game nights.

Curry Karma Card Game

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Curry Karma Card Game
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Curry Karma is the new party game all the aunties are gossiping about. Over 100 hilariously relatable cards sure to get your night started off on the right foot. Can be played with a friend or with a group of friends! The perfect pregame starts with Curry Karma.

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Don't take our word for it


My go-to game whenever I hang out with Desi people

Venu K.

Atlanta, GA


I'm not even Desi but I love playing this with all my friends.

Max P.

Philadelphia, PA


The PERFECT way to pregame if you are Desi

Pratik P.

Detroit, MI


We are obsessed with this game!

Viny and Ramitha M.

Houston, TX


My friend made me write this review. Seriously a fun game though

Akash P.

Dallas, TX

The most relatable game you will ever play

The game you never knew you needed

110 hilarious cards designed specifically for anyone who grew up in a Desi environment. Let's be honest here, there's quite a few common trends in the way we grew up. The cards in this game take advantage of that to create a hilarious party game to take your pregames to the next level. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! You can play with whatever you want to for this game. One of our favorites is to use Limca!

We are currently not selling a digital edition but it is definitely something we are considering!

We are actively working on expansion packs now! If you have any suggestions or card ideas we would love to hear them!

We ship internationally!